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Terostat-8517H primer, 25 ml
Category: primers
Part N:   A22LS-08-300Weight:   0.06 kg
Glasurit primer, 0.5 l + 1.0 l
Category: primers
Part N:   A22LS-08-301Weight:   1.75 kg
3M polyurethane sealant, 310 ml
Category: sealants
Part N:   A22LS-08-150Weight:   0.35 kg
ATF hydraulic fluid, 5 l
Category: oils and fluids
Part N:   A22LS-08-001Weight:   4.5 kg
Engine oil
Category: oils and fluids
Part N:   A22LS-08-002Weight:   3.6 kg

Engine oil must conform recommendations according to Rotax Service Instruction  SI-912-016


Category: oils and fluids
Part N:   A22LS-08-003Weight:   5.5 kg

Any brand conforming Rotax Service Instruction SI-912-016

Cockpit heating system
Category: heating
Part N:   A22LS-07-300Weight:   0.75 kg
Seat framework
Category: seats
Part N:   A22LS-07-002Weight:   1 kg
Seats (a set)
Category: seats
Part N:   A22LS-07-001Weight:   3.6 kg
Seat cushion
Category: seats
Part N:   A22LS-07-003Weight:   0.65 kg
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